Promoting educational equity by offering technology education to underserved youth through hands-on projects.

Our mission is to democratize tech education through accessible, affordable AI & Cybersecurity curriculum, prioritizing underserved communities to narrow the educational opportunity gap. We equip middle & high schoolers with essential tech skills, fostering, creativity and problem-solving to prepare them for the future!

Tech Wizard Forge

Elegante Academy proudly serves a multitude of delighted school-age learners, fostering their journey to become tech wizards through our state-of-the-art curriculum and digestible activities, aimed at nurturing future innovators. We are ambitiously striving to expand our reach in the coming months..


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Empowering young learners for tomorrow's careers.

We offer comprehensive AI curriculum and extra-curricular activities tailored for K through 12 students, emphasizing project-based learning with mentorship support. Our approach simplifies learning by blending hands-on modules seamlessly into existing school curricula. Students not only learn to create AI projects but also develop essential presentation skills, empowering them for success.

Mentor-Guided Project Collaboration

At Elegante Academy, students engage in transformative experiences under expert mentorship and collaborative peer groups. Paired with dedicated mentors from Silicon Valley's top engineers, students receive personalized guidance throughout their project journey. Together, they tackle hands-on projects, addressing real-world challenges and refining problem-solving skills. This mentorship cultivates not only technical expertise but also critical thinking, communication, and teamwork abilities essential for navigating an technology-driven future.

Presenting & Showcasing Achievements

Upon project completion, students showcase achievements through diverse avenues. They receive verifiable digital certificates and present projects at science fairs, competitions, and peer gatherings. Collaborating in small groups, they learn effective teamwork, sharing responsibilities and executing tasks cohesively. Selected projects are submitted to prestigious events, enriching college applications and showcasing global potential. Through project presentations, students refine social skills, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors.


Delighted Students, Sharpened Minds.

Elegante academy rocks! I made a cool chatbot and now I feel like a tech guru! Thanks, guys!

Student #1


At first, it seemed like rocket science. But now, I'm coding my own AI project! Thanks for the brain boost!

Student #3


Wow, I never knew AI could be this fun! Building projects is way cooler than just reading about them. Can't wait for more cool stuff!

Student #2


I created a secure system and now I feel like a cybersecurity whiz! Huge thanks to the team for making this so fun!

Student #4


We partner with schools and districts, offering amazing curriculum, after-school clubs, and summer programs. Stay tuned for updates.


Take a look at the answers to our FAQs.

1What does Elegante Academy offer?
Elegante Academy, led by Dr. Umit Yapanel, a seasoned principal scientist with 25 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning in Silicon Valley. Dr. Yapanel has been a pioneer in AI throughout his career and is passionate about sharing his expertise with young minds. Our program integrates advanced AI and Cybersecurity projects into middle and high school curricula, focusing on solving real-world problems and preparing students for a technology-driven future.
2How does Elegante Academy prepare students for a technology driven future?
We employ a hands-on, minds-on project-based approach to teaching. Our program equips students with essential AI and Cybersecurity skills tailored for problem-solving across various professions, enhancing their readiness for a technology-driven world. This encompasses practical applications of AI and Cybersecurity concepts, mentor-guided project work, and exposure to real-life applications. Each student is paired with their own dedicated mentor, ensuring personalized guidance and support throughout their project work. After the project is completed, students get several opportunities to present their project as well.
3What is the unique support system Elegante Academy provides?
Our program stands out through personalized mentorship from top Silicon Valley engineers, fostering enriching interactions with the Principal Scientist himself. Our mentors, with extensive real-world tech experience, provide invaluable guidance and insights directly to students. Their passion for mentoring brings a unique dimension to student learning. With years of field experience, our mentors serve as exemplary role models, nurturing students to become confident global citizens of tomorrow.
4What is the learning pace and the modality?
Our curriculum is tailored to accommodate diverse learning speeds, enabling students to delve into concepts at their own pace. Recognizing that students come from varied backgrounds, our self-paced online modules ensure flexibility. Additionally, structured one-on-one mentorship and project sessions provide comprehensive guidance and application support. Assigned mentors are readily available to answer questions and resolve technical issues, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
5What does the curriculum look like and what are the expected learning outcomes?
Students engage with AI and Cybersecurity concepts through a curriculum comprising fundamental knowledge delivered via online modules and interactive sessions. They have the flexibility to progress through the learning modules at their own pace, alongside hands-on project assignments aimed at applying acquired knowledge. These projects immerse students in practical scenarios, enabling them to innovate with introduced technologies. By utilizing open-source tools and code, students develop real-world applications, fostering both understanding and enjoyment in their learning experience.
6How will the students showcase their achievements?
Upon program completion, each student will receive a verifiable digital certificate, suitable for posting on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Our program provides platforms for students to showcase their projects at science fairs, competitions, and presentations to peers and parents, highlighting their achievements and practical implications. This aspect of our curriculum not only recognizes student effort but also cultivates valuable presentation and social skills. Working in small groups, students learn teamwork, responsibility sharing, and executing in a team environment, invaluable for professional development. Selected projects will be submitted to county, state, national, and international science fairs and competitions. Project owners will have the opportunity to present their work, enriching their college application portfolios.
7What are the program acceptance requirements?
No prior coding knowledge or experience is necessary to enroll in our program. We offer online learning modules through a user-friendly learning management system for Python coding language. Python, the language of AI, is known for its simplicity and enjoyment in learning. Students are not required to have advanced knowledge; grasping the basics is sufficient. Our curriculum is designed to be accessible to students of all coding proficiency levels, fostering inclusivity and encouraging diverse exploration and growth in the field of AI as well as Cybersecurity.
8What are the practical skills that students will acquire?
Students will participate in interactive project work mirroring real-world engineering processes, involving data handling and utilizing available open-source resources. This approach fosters a thorough and practical understanding of engineering concepts. Our program is designed to offer more than just theoretical knowledge; it provides opportunities for hands-on, minds-on experience with meaningful projects. We offer a list of project ideas for students to choose from, or they can propose their own too. Our mentors guide each student through the project work to ensure a smooth process and successful completion.
9What is the program duration and structure?
We offer tailored curricula for 9-week, 12-week, and 16-week programs, each varying in duration and intensity. Project work is carried out collaboratively in a team setting, mirroring real-life project development scenarios and emphasizing project management principles and best practices in application development. Working within their teams, students divide tasks and collaborate to deliver a final product. For those eager to delve deeper into AI or Cybersecurity, additional learning resources are available, with mentors ready to provide extra support, answer questions, and help students further succeed.

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